Chapter 3: A Truck Stop Encounter

Chapter 3: A Truck Stop Encounter
Jake will find out more about Lumberlandia
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Jake had been on the road for hours, the deep hum of his truck's engine lulling him into a state of semi-consciousness. He needed a break, and so did Goldie, his faithful golden retriever and companion on the long hauls.

Jake and Goldie getting tired after driving long hours on the road.

Seeing the bright neon sign of a 24-hour convenience store, he decided to pull over. He leashed Goldie before stepping out of the truck, stretching his aching muscles as he glanced at the 'No Pets' sign on the store door. Goldie would have to stay outside, he thought, giving her a pat and a promise to return soon.

Just a standard gas station with an attached convenience store.

Inside the store, the aroma of brewing coffee mingled with the smell of packaged snacks. As he poured himself a cup of coffee, he noticed two men - muscular, dressed in flannel shirts that emphasized their broad shoulders, their laughter filling the air.

"...and then Big Tom fell right into the creek," one of the men boomed, his companion chuckling as he grabbed a bag of chips off the shelf.

Two lumberjacks chatting, having fun, and laughing.

Jake found himself drawn to their conversation, the words 'Lumberlandia', 'brotherhood', and 'fellowship' catching his attention. He watched them, feeling a pull towards their camaraderie, their joy. It wasn't just their physical attractiveness that drew him in, although that was certainly a factor, it was the sense of belonging that they exuded.

Then another man walked in. This man was different - his energy was calm, his demeanor reassuring. His eyes met Jake's, and he smiled - a genuine, warm smile that instantly made Jake feel at ease. This was Ethan.

Ethan didn't enter the store shirtless by the way.

Jake noticed Ethan's charm and something stirred within him. A sense of attraction, though quickly repressed, flashed briefly in his thoughts. He hadn't allowed himself to feel this way about anyone in a long time. He'd been married once, but since the divorce, he had kept to himself, focusing on his work. The life of a trucker didn't lend itself to steady relationships.

Ethan, sensing Jake's unease, initiated a conversation about the quality of the coffee. "You know, they say truck stop coffee is the best, but I've yet to be convinced," he joked. Jake, surprised by Ethan's approachability, laughed and found himself engaging in conversation.

As they spoke, Jake asked about Lumberlandia, curious about the joy and camaraderie he had seen in the two men earlier. Ethan, always eager to share about the community he loved, explained what Lumberlandia was all about.

Jake couldn't help but daydream about staying in a place like Lumberlandia, of finding someone special.

Jake's dream of a couple.

He shook off the thought quickly. He'd always been too shy, and his lifestyle didn't allow for it. But the idea lingered, an escape from his solitary life on the road.

Ethan extended an invitation to Jake to visit Lumberlandia. Jake, feeling a mix of anticipation and anxiety, hesitated before responding, "I'd love to, but there's something I need to take care of first."

Ethan nodded, understanding in his eyes. He pulled out his phone, "How about we exchange numbers? Whenever you're ready, give me a call."

Jake agreed, a sense of hope filling him as he exited the store. As he walked back to his truck, he felt a new energy coursing through him. For the first time in a long time, he had something to look forward to. His mind buzzed with thoughts of Lumberlandia, and he couldn't help but wonder what awaited him there.

What's coming next?

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