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Media Kit
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About BrawnyAi:

What is BrawnyAi?

BrawnyAi is a pioneering digital artist leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, focusing on representation and diversity. BrawnyAi's work has reached over 6 million profiles in just six months. Amassing a collective following of over 100,000 across various social media platforms and our official website, BrawnyAi has resonated with diverse audiences spanning different ethnicities, identities, and professions—groups typically underrepresented in the art world. Signature projects like the Lumberlandia World Building and the MightyBrawnies platform form the cornerstone of our social commitment.

What is the vision and mission of BrawnyAi?

BrawnyAi's mission is to breathe life into digital hunks from various walks of life using cutting-edge generative AI technology. Our vision involves:

  • Refining our artistic process.
  • Enhancing our storytelling.
  • Giving life to digital hunks through interactive videos and advanced chatbots.

Market Opportunity in Focus: Why LGBTQ+ and Diversity Matter in the AI Art World

Diversity and inclusion aren't just buzzwords in today's world—they are a growing movement, a call for change, and a market trend catching wind. It's no wonder BrawnyAi finds its groove in this dynamic atmosphere. The LGBTQ+ community, for example, is no small faction. Recent data show it's anticipated to grow to a whopping 650 million people globally by 2026. And it's not just about numbers; it's about influence and economic power.

The younger demographic within the LGBTQ+ community is noteworthy. By 2026, 13.4% of people aged 18-24 worldwide will identify as LGBTQ+. This youth brigade is not just woke and progressive but digitally native. They're eager to engage with tech that understands them—that's where BrawnyAi comes in, ready to captivate this young, vibrant audience with our unique storytelling and digital hunks.

On the money front, the LGBTQ+ community isn't holding back. With a buying power estimated to reach a GDP at Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) of about $10.9 trillion by year-end 2021, the financials speak for themselves. Many global brands are catching on, but BrawnyAi isn't just following a trend—we're setting it. While most are busy with mainstream narratives, we focus on untold stories, unheard voices, and unrepresented identities, specifically within the LGBTQ+ realm.
Why does this matter for BrawnyAi? Because, from the get-go, we've built our ethos on representing the underrepresented. This growing, influential, and financially empowered market isn't just an 'audience'—it's a community we're part of, a dialogue we're contributing to, and a future we're helping to shape.

Generative AI tools allow expression of creativity in novel ways.

What makes BrawnyAi unique in the art world and specifically within the Generative AI space?

BrawnyAi stands out in the Generative AI domain by focusing on underrepresented subjects, professions, and situations, offering a fresh perspective. While many leverage tools like Stable Diffusion and Midjourney to generate new products, BrawnyAi is committed to presenting stories relevant to the LGBT community and promoting diversity.


I prefer to remain anonymous for privacy reasons and am known as BrawnyAi. My extensive global experiences have given me a deep understanding of diverse cultures and languages, strongly influencing my work.

Fact Sheet:

BrawnyAi has a significant social media presence across various platforms, as of September 2023:

  • Instagram: 65K followers
  • Facebook: 2.6K followers
  • Twitter: 22.4K followers
  • Thread: 8.8K followers
  • Pinterest: 5.25K followers
  • Tumblr: 1,416 followers
  • YouTube: 911 subscribers
  • TikTok: 381 followers
  • BrawnyAi official website: 5.4K members

From mid-April to June, our official site attracted over 100,000 unique visitors, and our content reached people in 204 countries, with the highest interactions coming from the United States, Brazil, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, and France. Since BrawnyAi's inception, we've created over 100 characters.

We believe we are growing this with the help of our audience.

Press Releases:

We are yet to issue an official press release.

Media Coverage:

Artwork Samples:

High-resolution images are available on the official BrawnyAi website. Please credit BrawnyAi when using these images and seek permission before use.

Contact Information:

[email protected]


We receive positive feedback from our fan base on Instagram and emails praising our work and the Lumberlandia project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How does BrawnyAi create its unique art?
The art creation process at BrawnyAi is dynamic and multifaceted, involving the use of Stable Diffusion, its extensions, and libraries. We are committed to creating realistic portrayals of underrepresented groups and pushing the boundaries of AI-generated art.

What inspired the creation of BrawnyAi?
BrawnyAi was born out of experimentation with Stable Diffusion, which revealed the potential to express creative and daring ideas. The platform enables us to share stories resonating with the gay community, fueling our drive to continue innovating.

What is the story behind the Lumberlandia World Building Project?
The Lumberlandia project is a creative endeavor to push BrawnyAi's art to a new level. Storytelling through images and narrative provides new challenges, driving us to develop unique workflows and techniques.

How do you choose which underrepresented groups, professions, or situations to feature in your art?
BrawnyAi seeks to shatter stereotypes by highlighting unusual combinations of characters, professions, and situations. We aim to fill the representation gap in the art world by telling diverse stories.

Why is diversity and inclusivity important to BrawnyAi?
BrawnyAi emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusion within the LGBT community. We aim to portray authentic experiences and stories, contributing to the ongoing dialogue on these crucial issues.

What's the future for BrawnyAi?
BrawnyAi envisions a future of furthering representation and inclusivity in the art world. We aspire to create art that resonates with our audience and serves as a reference for future generations, reflecting the richness of the gay community.

How can one collaborate or get involved with BrawnyAi?
BrawnyAi encourages collaboration through various channels. Followers can suggest content, join our Discord channels, or reach out to us directly with ideas.

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Reach us out! We'd love to share our stories!