BrawnyAi's Inspiring All-Stars: July 2023 Showcase

BrawnyAi's Inspiring All-Stars: July 2023 Showcase
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Whew! We've been burning the midnight oil to curate this BrawnyAi's All-Stars list, spotlighting a plethora of new generative AI artists focusing on male subjects.

Generative AI technology is a game-changer, pure and simple. Without these trailblazing tools, BrawnyAi wouldn’t even be a blip on the radar. But this tech has done more than birth BrawnyAi—it has become a platform for many of us to articulate our dreams, our visions, and in a profound way, our identities.

I don't claim to speak for all the artists in this list, but I've got a hunch some of them might share my sentiment.

On a superficial level, you might dismiss us as churning out just another round of thirst trap posts. But dig deeper and you'll uncover the intent, the drive behind these images. Sure, some aim to attract a vast audience for monetary gain, while others are more interested in exploring the limitless potential of this groundbreaking technology. For me though, this journey has been much more personal.

In essence, we are Image Jockeys, or IJs, weaving pre-existing threads into a fresh tapestry of art. Our work relies on the collective effort that's been pumped into our AI model. However, here's the catch: the AI doesn't just replicate—it reinterprets and abstracts. What was once imagery becomes numerical data and abstract associations. And as an IJ, we navigate these associations and mold them into images.

For me, this whole adventure was kick-started by simple curiosity. With no background in art, Generative Ai presented an opportunity for me to reconnect with my dormant self. This reconnection transcended the artistic realm—it was a journey into self-discovery.

The creative process with BrawnyAi felt deeply intuitive and emotional. I remember looking at a piece of my work and tearing up without fully understanding why. After talking it out with a friend, an insanely talented Generative Ai artist, I realized the power of this work. It was about awakening parts of me that had been dormant—parts of me that make up who I am today and who I was back then.

So, I invite you to take a deep dive into this eclectic list of artists. Some may seem like they're just starting out, while others exude a polished, professional aura. Regardless of where they are on their artistic journey, I encourage you to think just one step beyond what you see.

For those of you who've made it this far, here's a little something extra.

If you've been following our Instagram, you might've noticed a series of priest images. There's a story behind those, a story that dates back to when I was just a kid.

At age 9 or 10, we had an assignment at school to paint these white plaster sculptures. I remember going to this store near school. They had all these kitschy little gnomes and flamingos, all of them waiting to be colored. But what really caught my eye was this little statue of a priest praying atop a box. I noticed a tiny gap between the box and the base and figured the box could be opened.

When I opened the box, I was in for a surprise. Underneath the fervently praying priest was a woman, naked and performing fellatio. I laughed until I couldn't breathe.

I had to have it. I had to take it to art class.

I painted the statue in the classic priestly colors and took it to school. When I revealed the little secret during my show and tell, the class erupted in laughter. Even the teacher was taken aback, and I ended up in the principal's office.

Looking back, I realize that this cheeky piece of art was a reflection of my past self trying to surface again. I mean no harm or offense to any religion or priest, but I see now that it was my younger self yearning to bring that sense of humor and audacity back to the world.

And on that note, I invite you to explore BrawnyAi's All-Stars of July 2023.

Keep creating!


Inclusion Criteria

The criteria for the current 2023 July edition selection are:

Generative AI-based artists only: We focus on AI-generated art, whether it's text-to-image, AI-generated with post-processing, or other AI-based techniques. Non-AI artwork is not included.

Main focus on human male subjects: Art featuring male characters as the primary subject, though males with females or animals are also accepted.

Original work only: We celebrate artists who create and post their own work, not curators or aggregators.

No hateful, violent, or misleading content: We promote a positive and inclusive atmosphere.

NSFW content (changed - 2023-07-01): BrawnyAi's stance on NSFW content has evolved. Initially, we were reluctant to feature NSFW artists, as you might have read about in our May edition of BrawnyAi's All-Stars. However, we have come to recognize the technical skill, artistic merit, and overall relevance of many NSFW artists in the generative AI community. As such, we have decided to include NSFW artists in our list. Please note that a majority of these talented gen AI artists are usually found on the Twitter platform.

Twitter and Instagram: Due to limited resources, we currently only feature artists from these two platforms.

Approved content only: All selected posts are approved by the artists themselves.


A post from a.i.lectric on Instagram

a.i.lectric - if you want to see the gaishas of AI, this is the artist to go for! Very creative. Usually we don't include profiles with women but his account has also male subjects.

A post from a1wend1l on Instagram

a1wend1l - I love the picture of the donuts and a guy in the middle. It's unique and beautiful in someway. The artist has a huge variety of style and subjects. It's a smorgasbord of images.

A post from academieatelier on Instagram

academieatelier - Amazing profile with focus on portraits of handsome men in historical and painting style. Highly recommended to check it out. Images are very elegant and professionally made. The images are generated with AI but the results are stunning and can fool people that those are real paintings.

A post from ai_artandhearts on Instagram

ai_artandhearts - He is no amateur. He creates sense of aesthetics and style. He is able to generate images with photographic coherence. Check it out to see what it means.

A post from ai_herc on Instagram

ai_herc - I'd say that his work is something like Dungeon and Dragons for gay male heroes in photographic and illustration styles. Very interesting!

A post from ai_theletes on Instagram

ai_theletes - Once you see his profile, you will understand that he loves sports and athletes kind of style. They are photographic style and it shows a kind of naturality that is very interesting.

A post from Empty on Instagram

ai.bearmen - This account has a lot of future. He focus on bear type of men, but they are very well created and the photo and filter treatment make his content great.

A post from ai4bears on Instagram

ai4bears - This bear focused ai profile shows very creative composition and subjects of bears. The style is photographic but the message from the images are intriguing.

A post from aifantasymale on Instagram

aifantasymale - The handle name is accurate, he creates hunks, bears, and anthropomorphic horses, bears, and other quite crazy ideas and it works.

A post from aiflaneur on Instagram

aiflaneur - I have to admit that I'm more than impressed by his images. They are able to generate images with great composition, and the lighting is just perfect. It really feels real.

A post from aigf.official on Instagram

aigf.official - This profile is focused on super big bear type of guys. They may look like inflated human balloons sometimes. Very well created and the composition and subject is top notch.

A post from aimensgalry on Instagram

aimensgalry - If you like men in underwear who is muscular but not too much, this is where you should take a look!

A post from aiphen2023 on Instagram

aiphen2023 - Mainly portrait image focused, he loves to generate beautiful Asian young men. If that's what you like, check him out!

A post from arch_daemon5 on Instagram

arch_daemon5 - You can find muscular hunks from realistic to styled type of guys in many situations from real world based to fantasy!

A post from on Instagram - For those who like Bara style of hot big men, this is an account to keep track off!

A post from barbariansdreams on Instagram

barbariansdreams - Very unique and precious profile. He focused on dramatic fighting scenes but in pencil sketch style. Amazing use of AI.

A post from bearchasingart on Instagram

bearchasingart - For those who love bear type of guys, you can find bears in many daily situation and scenes. Go for them!

A post from on Instagram - I like his type of bears that are portraited as photography in very consistent manner. If you a bear lover, go for it.

A post from becoming_raphael_ai on Instagram

becoming_raphael_ai - I like this profile. He portraits a main character and it depics the evolution, travels, and actions of this characters in multiple places and scenes. I haven't seen many accounts like this.

A post from bespoke_boys on Instagram

bespoke_boys - Well dressed, aristocratic look, male only prep school boys, basically you will find them in this profile. The subjects may be a bit too young for BrawnyAi's taste, but we look for originality, quality, and creativity. You can find them here.

A post from bigboysarebest on Instagram

bigboysarebest - You like muscular men, and guys who are big and small together? Come to this profile and see for yourself!

A post from binary_deities on Instagram

binary_deities - Simply amazing account. I love his work and it takes consistency, ,creativity, originality and uniqueness to the next level. It may not show a lot of hot muscular guys shirtless but I can tell you that you must at least visit once and see for yourself.

A post from bodybuildersgoingplaces on Instagram

bodybuildersgoingplaces - Realistic looking bodybuilder from different background and places. Very interesting.

A post from boysofai on Instagram

boysofai - He started with portraits of very handsome guys and now he is moving to more expressive portraits of boys in different emotional states. I love that evolution and I hope he keeps evolving in that direction of expression!

A post from circuit_heaven on Instagram

circuit_heaven - This profile is mainly focused on party guys in party situations. Wanna party?

A post from digitalbeardudes on Instagram

digitalbeardudes - Top notch account and extremely creative. Its main subject is bears but the twist is that the style, composition, and message of each image is crafted to have the style to match with the message. Check It out to see what I mean by that!

A post from doom_beef on Instagram

doom_beef - This artist is having an amazing creative journey. He creates hot men in multiple situations and multiple style pushing the limits of AI into places that are unexplored. Take a look now!

A post from ericowarrior on Instagram

ericowarrior_ - Great muscle guys from photographic to anime style, he also creates images of actors and many other things!

A post from gayaifun on Instagram

gayaifun - Simple and direct. He loves very big and well developed chest. Who doesn't?

A post from gaypantheon on Instagram

gaypantheon - Very good quality work, photorealistic focused and exploring many type of guys from real life based to fantasy. Now, he does love to protect his work with all those logos all over the place!

A post from ghostavenuecr on Instagram

ghostavenuecr - When you mix photography and gen ai work, you see incredible and stunning images that are realistic style but the subject and message is surreal. You have to check it out!

A post from gom.tollum on Instagram

gom.tollum - He creates high quality, creative, weird, and crippy images that challenges your usual gen ai type of work. Take a look!

A post from grindit.out on Instagram

grindit.out - Great handsome, well designed, detailed focused, photorealistic, delicious men in white underwear. It reminds me of those Calvin Klein underwear ads!

A post from gymdreams8 on Instagram

gymdreams8 - This amazing, talented, friendly, and professional artist creates polished, creative and exceptional images. He is versatile in this styles. You can find works that are photo realistic to illustration. Themes can also vary but he has been focused on kissing, passion, and learning lately. He also shares tips and tricks of how he generates his art and I highly encourage to explore his profile and follow him. He become our friend and it has been great to have him in our journey.

A post from himbo_era on Instagram

himbo_era - I love his latest work where he displays these muscular big bear guys in pink dazzling lights. His work is a statement!

A post from homopolitan_ai on Instagram

homopolitan_ai - I feel conflicted in sharing this account. The quality of the work is amazing in composition, photographic style, creativity and expressiveness. Even though these images are ai generate, but the characters don't look they are over 18. So I leave that to you to decide if you want to visit or not.

A post from hugemuscle16 on Instagram

hugemuscle16 - Do you like extremely beefy strong guys with display of power? His images provide that and more.

A post from lcg_ai on Instagram

lcg_ai - I love the creativity of this artists where he mixes hot guys and insects. It can be crippy sometimes but creativity is boundless from this profile.

A post from lihas_kimpales on Instagram

lihas_kimpales - He is also a digital hunk enthusiast and his guys are gorgeous! They are muscular, not too exagerated, mostly shaved and not hairy guys. It's definitely a different aesthetic that we do here. Check him out!

A post from machinegraphics on Instagram

machinegraphics - The account started with ai generate males and now focused on vintage photos and films of the 70s, 80s, showing ladies in exotic situations. Very interesting.

A post from maleandroids on Instagram

maleandroids - He makes all people to be androids or robots. It's a unique idea and it's funny to see some of the images that got "robotified"

A post from on Instagram - he makes juicy muscular guys in variety of situations. Check it out.

A post from malkhai84 on Instagram

malkhai84 - Great account with great potential. He creates images of interesting men in many different styles.

A post from masterbarai on Instagram

masterbarai - What I like about this account are the Kamen Rider Black. I haven't seen it for long time.

A post from meninleatherai on Instagram

meninleatherai - High quality and top notch. He display photographic style images of men in leather.All types of leather clothes.

A post from on Instagram - He creates images of realistic men, not too muscular but normal men in fancy and interesting settings and situations.

A post from midjourneychaser on Instagram

midjourneychaser - He creates bear type of guys in many different styles but it has a very interesting message for each of them. I love the image where there is a bear floating underwater. It reminds me of the Nirvana album cover.

A post from muscleandbeardsai on Instagram

muscleandbeardsai - The handle keeps its promise, you will find muscular guys with long beard! They are hot.

A post from onlymalegallery on Instagram

onlymalegallery - For some reason, the subjects remind us of BrawnyAi characters… but his guys are younger and somewhat like a twunk type of guys.

A post from rage_ai_art on Instagram

rage_ai_art - A little bit too young for our taste. But if that's the type of guys you want to see more, here is an account dedicated to them!

rbbrclad_ai - I wish BrawnyAi was more disciplined, but his profile is gorgeous! He is specialized in creating a mix of photorealistic but in unsual context and settings.

A post from retrofuturistdaddies on Instagram

retrofuturistdaddies - I love these accounts that have a clear and coherent vision and branding. They keep their promise and you can see their vintage daddies running wild!

romantic_tragedy - This account also shows a little bit younger guys, but again, if you like them, here you go. The guys are in photorealistic and illustration styles in many different settings. - The account is still at the beginning but there is a lot of potential. Photographic style and focus on the chest!

A post from sexyaiguys on Instagram

sexyaiguys - Imaginative profile, he creates men in many different styles and situations. I think he likes superhero uniforms.

A post from spaicy_meatballs on Instagram

spaicy_meatballs - It's a bear account and he is extremely imaginative and creative. High quality stuff!

stagwarlock - High quality stuff. I think he still finding his general theme but the quality of the images are superb and they have merits on their own.

A post from techtemptation on Instagram

techtemptation - He loves masks. Still, the quality of the images are top notch and they touch on subjects that are intriguing. - Starting account, but great potential for daddy lovers!

A post from on Instagram - This is not amateur for sure. His images are professional and he uses photoshop. So imagine, you do gen ai art and mix it with photoshop? You can do whatever!

A post from uncannyvalleybears on Instagram

uncannyvalleybears - This profile shows closeup bear type of guys.

A post from mid.daddy on Instagram

mid.daddy - I think this account is underrated. It display photorealistic images in mini stories of older men going for some sexy time in the public space. That's something that BrawnyAi would love to do someday!

A post from thumbpricks2 on Instagram

thumbpricks2 - This is an exception. It's not AI generated but amazing illustration specially when they are using jockstrap. BrawnyAi can't resist a sight like that.


A post from @akasetouta on Twitter

@akasetouta - A Japanese Twitter account focused on Ai anime type of characters; he mixes too young and older guys.

A post from @Dark_B0i on Twitter

@Dark_B0i - You won't be able to see his profile for some reason but I had to mention anyway. Very hot NSFW and SFW images of men in great gen AI images with top notch quality. Pity something bad happened.

A post from @HBB1608 on Twitter

@HBB1608 - Mythological super muscular men! If you are interested in those themes. You should visit it!

A post from @kurohudeAI on Twitter

@kurohudeAI - Incredible hot men in photorealistic style and anime. You have to visit.

A post from @MusclesAndSuits on Twitter

@MusclesAndSuits - Super muscular clothing busted muscular men. I love the jacked up suits.

A post from @NijiChara on Twitter

@NijiChara - Interesting style of mixing anime and 3D. I think you should visit and see by yourself. Big chests!

A post from @obAIworks on Twitter

@obAIworks - If BrawnyAi's All Stars were about ranking, this is the top account that you should visit. NSFW materials but the quality supasses my wildest dreams. The scenes are exagerated but in a way that is sexy, funny, and a lot of white substances all over the place! Very expressive and that's something we like a lot.

A post from @OctantFlex on Twitter

@OctantFlex - Muscle morph type of images are new to me but they are enticing, intriguing and alluring. Octant takes it to the next level where not only you see unhuman size of muscles but also their exaggerated veins! Interesting mix!

A post from @oophytum on Twitter

@oophytum or Garden of Queer Delights - Great posts of digital men in illustration, painting and many other styles with some kind of idyllic feel.

A post from @Jake_hansen_DK on Twitter

Rupert Rat or @Jake_hansen_DK - Very versatile gen ai artists showcasing younger digital twinks in various scenarios.

A post from @TAIL_OF_SHIVA on Twitter

@TAIL_OF_SHIVA - Another Japanese account, they have high quality images of muscular guys in compromising situations! I highly recommend you to visit it.

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