The Door to My Authentic Self

The Door to My Authentic Self
What BrawnyAi showed me is possible.
A happy optimistic digital hunk with contagious smile.

At BrawnyAi, our mission centers around crafting digital hunks in myriad scenarios. We strive to shed light on underrepresented ideas, boldly expressing our emotional needs without being constrained by societal norms. In the throes of personal stress, these images were birthed from a vision of positivity, warmth, and optimism, a beacon amidst life's darkness and sadness.

Elements from the movie 'Magnolia', particularly the melancholic 'Wise Up' track, strongly resonate with me. This song juxtaposes with the cheerful images in our video, creating a stark contrast that mirrors the dichotomy in my own life. It’s this contrast that brings tears to my eyes, reminding me of how BrawnyAi reopened the doors to my dormant imagination, creativity, and artistic abilities.

There was a time when I was enthralled with graphic design and art, spending countless hours drawing and designing. I even ventured into creating websites and games. But my chosen path at university steered me away from this passion, and with time, the memories of my artistic endeavors faded, buried under academic pursuits and career ambitions.

Then BrawnyAi emerged, illuminating a path back to those shelved dreams. As we started infusing our creations with graphic design and artistry, my dormant skills rekindled, reigniting a part of myself I thought was lost. The 'door' symbolized by BrawnyAi isn't just an entry point; it represents a transition from who I was to who I want to become.

However, stepping through this door means leaving many things behind and paying a hefty price. I'm grappling with potentially shifting my career from a financially stable path to the uncertainty of an art-centric pursuit. It may even require changing dynamics in friendships and other relationships. As I evolve with BrawnyAi, I understand why the video moves me to tears; it's a poignant reflection of my current situation.

The images we created for Pride 2023 were not initially intended for that purpose. The traditional ideas I had for Pride weren't satisfying, and I wanted to convey something unique to BrawnyAi's vision. So, I started with a concept of vibrant, multicolored petals fluttering around, painting a picture of comfort, optimism, and acceptance.

The concept evolved with time, from merely showcasing petals to including our digital hunks and introducing an unexpected element - a rainbow drape. This surprise addition allowed me to create a nuanced Pride message. Though initially crafted to uplift my spirits, these images became a vibrant celebration of Pride.

The emotional impact of combining these images with 'Wise Up' was profound. Each time I edited the video, the sadness of the song, the narratives from the movie, and my longing for mental and physical peace clashed, giving way to catharsis. This mix of sorrow and joy, of reality and aspiration, breaches my rationality, uncovering my vulnerable, authentic self.

I appreciate you taking the time to understand my journey. This is not just a deep dive into the human component of BrawnyAi, but also a testament to the intersection of technology, art, and human values. It's a powerful fusion that can positively impact not just ourselves, but perhaps the world at large.