🔒Stella Trek: How Our Crew Gets Ready for Bed

🔒Stella Trek: How Our Crew Gets Ready for Bed

Ok, my 💪MightyPros, I’m here to give you what I promised. How does the crew of Stella Trek get ready to sleep?

How does the Stella Trek crew sleep?

First, there’s a controversy. Personally, I prefer to shower before sleeping. But I know many people do it the other way—they sleep first and then shower when they wake up. What about you? What’s your preference?

Let me share my reasons for showering before bed:

1. Cleaner Bed: You don’t transfer sweat and dirt from your skin to your bed, so your sheets and pillows stay cleaner longer.

2. Refreshment and Comfort: A shower leaves you feeling refreshed and comfortable.

3. Sleeping Naked: I sometimes sleep naked, and the idea of dirty skin smearing on my bed isn’t appealing.

However, for our Stella Trek hunks, this isn’t a problem. Their bed sheets are made from advanced self-cleaning materials. I wish we had something like that now, so I wouldn’t have to think about changing my bed linens.

So, why do they still shower before sleeping? Well, there’s a cultural reason behind it.

In the history books from Stella Trek, Earth was nearly uninhabitable by 2100. The dream of owning large houses filled with appliances and decorations fueled the Big Climate Disaster.

People started noticing temperature changes in their cities, record-breaking temperatures, and heat waves each year. There were increasing reports of severe injuries and deaths due to extreme turbulence while flying. Cities experienced unprecedented floods, forcing mass evacuations in coastal cities like New York, Miami, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Rio.

This wasn’t an isolated problem—everywhere in the world faced similar issues. Real estate values plummeted, causing financial distress. It was a sad chapter in history, but it led to a significant change. People became extremely conscious of using non-renewable resources and felt more comfortable living in groups. Instead of big houses, they lived communally, sharing bedrooms and finding greater happiness.

This tradition of communal living continued with interstellar travel in Stella Trek. They love sleeping with their friends, so as a courtesy, they shower together and sleep in shared bedrooms called pods. This not only saves space on the starships but also creates unique and unbreakable bonds among the crew.

Our crew gave us permission to capture some intimate moments of their time together, both in the shower and in their pods.

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This is our special treat for you, my 💪MightyPros. I hope you enjoy! And for our next post, we’ll give you a glimpse of the Great Ancient Civilization Hunks, and then we’ll return to our final piece for Stella Trek! Plus, we haven’t forgotten about Owen Baxter—he’ll be back with something very special! Stay tuned!