BrawnyAi's From Zero to Creator - Episode 002 - Up and Downs in Fukuoka

BrawnyAi's From Zero to Creator - Episode 002 - Up and Downs in Fukuoka

From Hiroshima's history to Fukuoka's supermarkets: BrawnyAi battles burnout and celebrates victories.

BrawnyAi Podcasts 002 Up and Downs in Fukuoka

Hey, this is BrawnyAi with episode two of my 'Zero to Creator' podcast. Today, I'm in Fukuoka, reflecting on my creator journey's highs and lows. Let me also take you through a Japanese supermarket; it's a fascinating look at local culture that inspires my work.

Ups and Downs of the Journey
Today, despite visiting Hiroshima Castle, I woke up tired and pessimistic about BrawnyAi. It's a reminder that there are good days and bad days, but you have to trust the process. I'm dealing with burnout even as I celebrate small victories like my first podcast and AI-generated music release.

Finding Inspiration in Japan
Supermarkets are one of my favorite places because they reveal so much about a culture. Japan's love of strawberries, pre-cooked meats, and beautifully packaged products is just a glimpse into what influences my AI work. But my stomach issues are limiting what I can experiment with for now.

Fukuoka Hopes and Next Steps
I'm excited to explore Fukuoka's unique food scene, and hopefully get over my physical struggles so I can keep creating. My recent 'Silverfox daddies' series is inspired by past experiences, and I wish I had my current AI knowledge back then, but that's the nature of growth, right? I'll be talking more about 'lower-flying' AI soon – stay tuned!