BrawnyAi's From Zero to Creator - Episode 004 - Kyoto University and Mental Health

BrawnyAi's From Zero to Creator - Episode 004 - Kyoto University and Mental Health

This episode of BrawnyAi's "From Zero to Creator" podcast takes a spontaneous turn. I'm sharing my experiences in Kyoto, where unexpected encounters with student protests and a philosophical walk spark reflections on my creative process and personal growth.


I delve into the unique history of the Yoshida dormitory, where students fight for autonomy against redevelopment plans. Their stories resonate with potential themes for BrawnyAi's Lumberlandia world - struggles against external forces and the importance of preserving unique identities.

BrawnyAi isn't all about tourist hotspots. I discuss the value of immersion in everyday Japanese culture and reflect on how travel forces me out of my comfort zone. Those moments of fleeting connection with locals offer profound insights. This introspection connects to my creative process – knowing that serendipity and openness to new experiences fuel my best work.

I also touch on a personal struggle: overcoming a bad association with the word "okay." Being in Japan, where the word is used in a more positive way, has helped me reframe that trigger. It's a reminder that changing your environment can heal negativity.

Finally, I share some anxiety about BrawnyAi's growth – the fear of posting the images I truly envision. While I have a smaller backup account where I feel freer, I know the main account holds the bulk of my audience. It highlights the challenges of building both my creative confidence and brand presence simultaneously.