🌲Owen Baxter’s Lumberlandia Adventure: Embracing the Lumberjack Life and American BBQ

🌲Owen Baxter’s Lumberlandia Adventure: Embracing the Lumberjack Life and American BBQ
A Lumberjack from Lumberlandia impressed with Owen Baxter stature

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We’re excited to share that Owen Baxter was invited to visit Lumberlandia, and we’re giving you a glimpse of his trip.

Owen had the chance to experience the life of a lumberjack in our fantastical universe of Lumberlandia. He dressed in traditional attire—red plaid shirt and denim jeans—essential for anyone claiming to have lived the Lumberlandia lifestyle.

Owen was thrilled to meet new friends and spend quality time with them. The lumberjacks showed him around and invited him to a traditional American BBQ. Embracing the full American experience, Owen volunteered to grill hamburgers and hot dogs, which everyone loved.

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We still have some sessions with Owen, but soon he will return home to continue his journey toward becoming a top international rugby player. Let’s enjoy our time with him while it lasts!

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