🔒Life on the Rig: The Challenges of Being a Gay Oil Worker

🔒Life on the Rig: The Challenges of Being a Gay Oil Worker

Working on an oil rig is challenging, and being a gay worker in such an environment adds another layer of difficulty. The isolation, long hours, and macho culture can be overwhelming. Some argue that 12-hour shifts leave little room for concerns about sexuality, but dealing with colleagues who misunderstand or oppose your identity is tough. This pressure forces many gay workers to hide their true selves, adding stress to their already demanding lives.

Connecting emotionally and finding sexual partners in such a remote, small community is challenging. Many gay workers focus solely on their careers due to fleeting relationships, one-night stands, and incompatible values. This is a reality for many in our generation.

I wrote William’s story to highlight the experiences of gay individuals in underrepresented fields, aligning with my mission to bring such stories to light. Although William’s story has concluded for now, there are many more oil rig hunks to discover.

Resources for Gay Oil Rig Workers:

  1. Out in Energy
  2. Pride at Work
  3. Stonewall UK

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