Happy Easter 2024!

Happy Easter 2024!

Hey MightyBrawnies!

Hope you're enjoying the Easter weekend! While I'm still traveling (thousands of miles to go before I'm home!), I wanted to share some updates and exclusive Easter content.

March Highlights:

  • Japan Adventure: An incredible 2.5 months exploring Kyoto, Tokyo, Okinawa, and more. This trip was about healing and rediscovering myself with the strength of BrawnyAi. Your support has been everything! 💖
  • New Challenges: Instagram and Facebook continue to be a struggle, but I'm determined to diversify. My dream is to take BrawnyAi offline with merch and exhibits!
  • Podcast Power: I launched the From Zero to Creator podcast – already 122 plays on Spotify! It's a new way for me to share stories, ideas, and get my creative juices flowing. Here is the link to our podcast: http://brawny.ai/podcast/

Easter 2024 Sneak Peeks:

I've got two AMAZING themes ready to go:

  • Traditional Fun: Classic Easter scenes with our hunks (check them out below!).
  • Japanese Twist: Get ready for live-action heroes, mechas, and a fusion of Easter and Japanese culture like you've never seen! 🤯

Support = My Everything

As some of you know, BrawnyAi is now my full-time gig. It's been a challenging year, but creating content that makes people happy is what fuels me. 💪 I'm so grateful for my MightyBrawnies, MightySupporters, and 💪MightyPro members! Want to help me build this dream?

Big thanks for our current 💪MightyPro supporters!

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