Diagnosing Image Generation Issues: Can You Spot and Solve Them?

Diagnosing Image Generation Issues: Can You Spot and Solve Them?

Welcome to another intriguing exercise in AI image generation. As an AI artist or enthusiast, you may sometimes encounter issues when creating images. Today, we're diving into some common problems that may arise during the process, how to identify them, and propose potential solutions.

Remember, these are subjective scenarios; what may appear as a problem to one might not be to another. Some of these issues have solutions, while others may not, but that's part of the journey. You might even spot more than one problem that we haven't mentioned. Plus, one or two images might seem perfectly fine - and that's okay!

Let's begin. The solutions are provided at the end of the post, so avoid scrolling until you've tried diagnosing each problem.

The Problems

Here, we present 15 images, each with potential issues. Under each image, there are a few possible issues that could be affecting the outcome.

Problem 001

What's the problem?

a) Bad prompt
b) SD 1.5 doesn't understand well your prompt
c) One or more LoRA may be causing the issue
d) Model is bad
e) Not enough steps for High Res Fix

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