BrawnyAi's First Song Released!

BrawnyAi's First Song Released!
Okinawan Dreaminig

Hey my MightyBrawnies!

Can you believe that we have released our FIRST SONG EVER???

The song is called Okinawan Dreaming (First One). It's a song about an Okinawan who moved to a big city working as a salaryman in Japan. He is missing his island a lot and he keeps longing and remembering the beaches, sea, palm tress and the life he used to have there.

We've got our inspiration for this song by listening to Ryukyu music. Not that our song replicates the genre of Ryukyu music but we thought of a digital hunk in that situation where they miss so many things from their homeland and they wish to be there again.

We dropped the Lyrics after the links to the streaming services. Don't forget to follow us on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, and Amazon Music! Show your love. This is our first song.

Lyric: Okinawan Dreaming (First One)

Author/Composer: BrawnyAi

In the shade of the palm trees, I drift away
To the rhythm of the ocean, where I long to stay
I hear the whispers of the wind in the summer breeze
And the gentle lullaby of the Okinawan seas (ooh-yeah)

Take me back to my island home (island home)
Where the mountains meet the ocean foam (ocean foam)
I'm longing for the place I used to know (used to know)
Okinawan dreaming, let the feelings flow (ooh-yeah)

Underneath the starry sky, my spirit dances free
With the echoes of the shamisen, so sweet and melancholy
The scent of salt and hibiscus fills the air
In every corner of my heart, I find you there (yeah-yeah)

Glowing lanterns light the way back to my past (back to my past)
Every memory a treasure, built to last (built to last)
In the warmth of the sun, my worries melt away (melt away)
In this island paradise, I wish to stay (wish to stay)

Take me back to my island home (island home)
Where the sunsets paint the sky in tones of chrome (tones of chrome)
Dancing shadows in the night, I'm not alone (not alone)
Okinawan dreaming, this heart has grown (ooh-yeah)

As the city lights flicker, a world away,
My Okinawan soul yearns for the bay
The vibrant life, the music in the streets,
A melody of home, where my heart beats (where my heart beats)

Take me back to my island home (island home)
Feel the energy, in the zone (in the zone)
Where every wave tells a story of its own (of its own)
Okinawan dreaming, in my bones (in my bones)

In the shade of the palm trees, we'll meet again,
To the rhythm of the ocean, a familiar refrain
With every beat, my island heart sings,
Okinawa, to you, my soul clings (ooh-yeah)